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Will We Ever Truly Measure Resilience?

I try to keep up to date on developments and trends on a variety of international development topics - my ties to the Pacific mean that I spend a significant amount of time exploring ideas and opportunities around climate resilience. So there’s a backlog of articles on the topic bookmarked on my computer. This morning I sat down to go through a few of them and was less than impressed. So much of what is discussed in terms of climate resilience focuses on how advanced government plans and programmes are. In truth, government plans, programmes and financing make a huge difference in the lives of the most vulnerable and in the most climate-vulnerable countries like the Pacific and other LDCs. Good points were made in the article I read this morning, breaking down the essentials, keeping it simple.

The problem, for me, was that it didn’t touch on the human element. Those of us working in international development sometimes forget that - caught up as we are in our own plans and budgets and …