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My Favourite Reads of 2017

You have to admit, there is a lot of good writing out there. Such is the wonder of the internet and the ability of people to give their ideas and opinions a voice. I’m a proponent of this, particularly of those writers (professional and ad hoc) who have something truly meaningful to say. 2017 was, to my mind, a seminal year for some very excellent writing, largely to the shifting world around us. Below is the list of the top five articles which both inspired and challenged me last year, despite the fact that we are well into 2018.

Coming in a number five, ‘Why Expertise Matters.’ What with ‘fake news’ and, sadly, the terrible opinions based on conjecture and absolutely no fact, people with actual expertise have to compete not just with other people with expertise, but more often than not, people who know nothing about anything but like to feed their egos. Differentiating fact from fiction used to be a simile, but now? It is a full-time job and rarely does that mean that fact (and expe…