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Assessing Impact and Sustainability

Last week I wrote about the need for ‘breathing space’ in development programming - time for ‘beneficiaries’ to take the new skills, systems, policies and various tools imparted and go at it alone to see what happens. Because we can’t master something - or fit it to our own contexts - unless we are given a chance to do it on our own for a reasonable period of time (no, a month doesn't count… I’m thinking a whole planning and budgeting cycle).

In Need of Some Development 'Breathing Space'

Back in January I wrote about how, as we enter the second year of SDG implementation, it’s time to stop talking and planning and start doing. Doing the actual hard stuff that we’re really good at putting off because it's uncomfortable and removes ‘safe spaces’ of corner cubicles, spreadsheets and monitoring plans. It’s painstaking and frustrating and slow. But it's even slower if we don't do it. However, there was one aspect which I did not discuss because I shied away from too much controversy at once - basically, that the ‘doing’ really necessitates letting go.