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The Slippery Slope of Leaving the Vulnerable Behind

The SDGs: Leave No One Behind!! Laudable. Critical. And already failing at the first hiccup.

The recent SDG Index and Dashboard effectively aimed to establish a baseline for SDG indicators in all countries. A lot of data is needed (because there are A LOT of indicators - but that’s another subject). There is significant pressure on national (and subnational) governments to deliver the data to prove they are committed to change and sustainable development.

Post-Conflict Governance: I have something I really need to say

Post-conflict governing is never easy. But there is a sense of hope, until there isn’t.

Dear ‘Government’,

Long after the war ended, I came back. I was excited - to see change and hope and a vision for the future. The changes I have witnessed, however, are very disillusioning...

I see your flags and I see your posters and I see your many dilapidated cars and trucks roaming the streets carrying idle men, smoking, waving flags and looking smug. And I wonder, who do you think you are?